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8 Ways to Hack Your Way into Stylish Nails



Beautifully designed nails give the perfect finish of your outfit, that`s why they deserve special attention. Visiting a professional nail practitioner regularly might be expensive, that`s why you may consider styling your nails by yourself. These are 8 ways which will help you eneble yourself with a stylish nail design at home.

1. Make it opaque

Some nail polishes are not very good quality, but you like the colour. In this case you can make it look opaque by adding white nail polish.

2. Your Tongue Removes Smudges

Perfect nails are very sensitive, so if you notice a smudge, don`t try to fix it with your bare hands. Use your tongue instead.

3. Remove glittery nail polish

Glittery nail polish is nice, but quite difficult to remove. In order to remove it easily, soak a cotton pad into the nail polish remover and cover your nails. Wait for 5 minutes a drag the pad – the glitter will be gone.

4. Top coat save your manicure

Professional manicure seem to last longer, but the secret is into the top coat. Enable yourself with a high quality top coat and apply it on a daily basis – you will be simply amazed.

5. DYI Designs

Get creative, look at the fashion magazines or follow a nail deign tutorial online. You will reveal your artistic side, together with astonishing nail design.

6. Thin coats

Use thin coats, as they will dry quicker and will provide lasting coverage of your nails.

7. Glitter Secret

If you apply glitter like a regular coat, you will never achieve the effect you want. Dab it on smal clumps and you will find out your nails are more sparkling than ever.

8. White nails for perfect natural manicure

We don`t mean polishing your nails in white, but simply whitening them. Tooth paste and lemon juice are ideal for this manipulation. Then the natural top coat will look great on your naturally white nails.


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