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7 Ways Our Makeup Makes Us Look Older


For the modern, fashionable woman, makeup is an essential part of the daily routine. We see makeup as something that can help us enhance our most beautiful features and hide those imperfections that just don’t want to go away on their out. But sometimes, when it’s not applied properly, makeup can do the exact opposite – it can make us look older and make the imperfections pop even more. Here are 7 ways in which we use makeup and it makes us look much older than we are:

Dark Lipstick

When we use dark, heavy lipsticks with blue undertones, we make our lips look smaller and colder. This changes our whole expression and makes us appear older than we are. To change this, just use lipsticks with warmer undertones, like nudes, beiges and corals. To make your lips appear even fuller, line your lips with a lip liner before you apply the lipstick and add just a drop of lipgloss in the center of your lower lip to reflect light.

Loose Powder

Powder can be really tricky if you don’t know how to use it properly. We have seen a lot of “ghost” skins on women just because they don’t know which color to use and how to apply it. The other problem you may have with powder is to use too dark shade for you skin and make your head look as if it’s from another body! To apply the powder properly, use a large powder brush and dab it gently in a translucent powder – this way you will avoid discoloration and your powder will be applied evenly.

Shimmery Skin

Luminizing products tend to settle into ani little creases and this way your imperfections become even more visible. To avoid this you should keep your skin hydrated at all times and apply hydrating mist after you ahve finished your makeup to keep your skin glowy and hydrated.

Sparkly Eyes

If you don’t know, shimmer enhances wrinkles and makes your skin a lot older than it is. To avoid this, use matte eyeshadow and shape your eyes and lids with it. If you want to add some shimmer anyway, keep it under control and use it only in the center of your lids to reflect light and make you eyes pop. This goes for shimmer all around your face as well.

Opaque Lips

Opaque and dark lips are in right now, but that doesn’t mean that you should go overboard with it. It’s best to apply your lipstick with your finger by dabbing the color gently on your lips, than to apply it directly on your lips. As I said earlier, dark lipsticks make your lips seem thinner and smaller and this changes your whole expression and can make you look a lot older than you really are – especially if you are just a teenager, then just don’t go for heavy lip products!

Harsh Eyebrows

Bold eyebrows aren’t for everyone. To avoid looking silly, use eyebrow products that are lighter than you hair color, blend them really well and apply them gently, without leaving any harsh lines. If you go over board with the brows, you can end up with a face that’s pretty much only eyebrows and you will ruin your whole eyes frame.

Messy Makeup

If you don’t take care of your makeup during the day, your eyeliner and mascara can smudge and settle in your wrinkles and creases which will make you look far more older than you are. The solution is to check your makeup often during the day and repair any mistake when moment they appear. Set your makeup with powder in order to make the damages appear less often.



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