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7 Tricks and Art Tips for Making Gorgeous Nail Designs



Amazing nail designs are a perfect addition to every outfit, however if you cannot afford going to the salon every other time, you should know there is a way to get such lovely designs at home. There are many tips and tricks available and we have gathered together 7 of them, which will reveal your artistic side. You will be amazed, by how beautiful your nails are, when you apply your own design.

1. Plastic Bag Trick

You cannot paint both hands with the same skill level, that’s why you can use a plastic bag. simply draw the design on it and then press it right onto your nail, add some top coat and you are ready to boast perfect manicure.

2. The Distressed Look

If you want perfect “marble” looking nails, put a base colour and wait for it to dry. Then apply a darker colour and crumple a piece of plastic wrap and just blot the top of your nail once or twice.

3. French Manicure Cheat

You can use ordinary whole protector stickers, instead of buying the expensive French manicure stickers.

4. Polka Dots

You can make those dots with a straight pin pushed into the pencil eraser. Dip the rounded end into the polish and voila – perfect polka dots.

5. The Faded Nail

It is very interesting design, made with the help of a sponge. Your nail should be darker at the top and fading to a lighter colour throughout the nail. You can achieve that if you use a toothpick to merge the edges together and put a sponge over it, by pressing it into your nail.

6.Scotch Tape Miracles

All you need is a scotch tape and imagination. Cut the scotch into the shapes you want and stick them to the already painted nails. Then apply another colour on top and peel the tape back.

7. Rhinestones into the nails

With the help of a wax pencil, you will be able to put rhinestones on your nails. Press the tip on the rhinestone and then press it to your nail – it is just that easy.


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