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7 Tips on Fixing Your Hair After a Workout



Working out is very beneficial to your health, but we must admit that we need some time after it – to take a shower, fix the makeup and do the hair. For that reason many women avoid working our during the lunch break for example. However we have some tricks, which will help you fix your hair after a nice work out.

1. Don`t Downplay the Up-Do

If you don`t want to put your hair in a ponytail, you can always do a quick up-do. It looks very nice and even sexy, so don`t underestimate it.

2. Use a comb

Brushes are not very good for some hair types, that`s why it is always bets to use a comb instead. After a workout, you just need to comb your wet hair and you are ready to go.

3. Spritz!

Curly hair loves spritz. Just a little bit of spritzing will give you the fabulous outlook you had before the workout. What`s more it will prevent your curls from washing too much!

4.Quick Blow Dry and Round Bruch = Wonders Quick dry your hair, using a round brush. This will help you to quickly and easily style your hair, without being necessary to wash it or to apply any styling products.

5.Loose ponytail is the key

Tight ponytail is not good idea for a workout. Simply gather together your hair in a loose ponytail inorder to prevent the hair style you had in the morning.

6.Dry just the base

If you hair is pretty wet, you need to flip your head upside down and blow-dry only the roots. It is not difficult, it does not take lots of time, however it can make your hair look even better!

7.Add an Accessory

This is great way to give yourself some more shine and even if you have the messiest hair in the world, there is a chance it will look like a great extravagant hair style, which attracts people`s admiration.


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