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7 Tips for Silky, Shiny Hair



Everyone wants beautiful, shiny hair, but for many people it is a mission impossible. The good news is that we have 7 hair care tips for you, which will help you get strong and shiny hair in no time!

1. Don`t Shampoo

It might sound weird, however it actually works. Shampoos contain sulfites, which will dry out your hair. Don`t use shampoo, just conditioner. Use it the way you use a shampoo and it will clean your hair. Another option could be a sulfite free shampoo.

2. Deep conditioning once a week Schedule a deep hair conditioning time in your calendar. This will be the time dedicated to your hair.

Take care of it, by applying deep conditioners, masks and moisturizers. This will make it strong, healthy and shiny!

3. Bristles, not just a Brush

Usually when we are in a hurry, we simply grab the first brush on the shelf, however if you want beautiful hair, avoid using plastic ones. Better go for the natural bristles, as they add a true shine to your hair.

4. Heat Protection

May be you don`t realise it but daily hair heating is harmful, so whenever you decide to heat-style your hair, apply a heat protector. There is a wide variety of products, which can do good for your hair, so don`t underestimate them!

5. Pat your hair

Don`t rub your hair with a towel! Simply pat it and let it dry naturally. It is best to avoid the blow dryeras well. This will make your hair more silky.

6. Diet is Important

Your food affects your hair condition! Don`t forget that and eat a lot of vegetables and proteins, which will help you get stronger and better looking hair!

7. Never Skip the Trim

Many women dream of having long hair, so they are deceived that if they do not trim it, it will grow faster. This is completely untrue. The regular trimming is what causes faster hair growth and what is more, it will make your hair more vivid and shiny! Don`t miss it!


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