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7 Things Which Affect Your Weight and Body Shape


Your menu definitely affects your weight, but don`t forget it is not solely responsible for your condition. There are at least 7 more factors, which may also cause undesired weight gain. These could be sedentary lifestyle, hormones, medical treatment, stress and more.

Many women are not happy with their weight. Overweight is one of the main reasons for lack of self -confidence for women and for that reason there are numerous methods to fight it – from diets to meditation. If you want to lose weight, changing your feeding habits is not enough! You will also need to take into consideration factors such as are you genetically predisposed to being overweight, is your lifestyle sedentary and if you have any health problems. In this article we`ll review 7 things, which usually affect the weight . Read them carefully and take the necessary measures.

1. The Food

It is clear that the food is the main source of problems when it comes to weight. The extra intake of 7500 calories leads to gaining 1 kilo. Trust us – 7500 calories are nothing – roughly about 10 chocolate bars, especially if you don`t burn enough on a daily basis. So let`s do the math – if you eat a 100g milk chocolate bar every day for 10 days, you`ll gain 1 kilo. And if you eat extra 300 calories per day, every day for a month, you`ll gain 1 kg, too. To conclude – following this regime you`ll gain 12 kilos for a year, which is pretty much. Be careful.

2. Genes

Some people are genetically predisposed to gaining weight quickly and being overweight. This could be due to factors, such as slow metabolism for example. But there is nothing to worry about – you just need to control yourself better and there will be no problem.

3. Endocrine system and hormones

Menopause, hypothyroidism and other problems of the endocrine system could be the reason for excess weight. The best way to eliminate the problem is to consult a specialist, who will test your hormone levels and will prescribe medication if necessary. If you think that your overweight could be due to hormone problems, don`t delay visiting a doctor, because your health suffers.

4. Sedentary lifestyle

Today we are so used to being comfortable thanks to technology that we don`t realize how much it could harm us. We have a sedentary lifestyle, which makes our bodies suffer. We drive cars, take the elevator and socialize in front of the monitor. That`s wrong, especially if you want to lose some weight. For that reason, it is best to think of at least replacing the elevator with the stairs or your car with a bike. This will help you burn calories, lose weight and stay fit! Move – that`s the key.

5. Stress

Stress keeps your body on stand-by, so it automatically assumes it needs to carefully gather all of its resources, including energy coming from the food we eat. That`s why stress is a main factor for weight gain. Try to reduce it and you`ll notice the results very soon!

6. Dehydration

We don`t realize it, but our body needs water to function properly. Very often, we just forget about it and it causes dehydration, which slows down the metabolism. You need to drink at least 1,5 l of water per day to keep your body hydrated, boost your metabolism and get rid of the toxins. Water could be your best friend in the battle against excess weight.

7. Medicines

Some medicines could cause weight gain, as they affect the metabolism. These could be some antidepressants, corticosteroids, high blood pressure medicaments and more. Consult your doctor about the possible side effects of any medication you are going to take. This way you`ll be aware of the risks and the benefits, which comes with a certain medicine.



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