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7 Reasons For Your Failures


Here is one fresh article from the businessmen Raymmar Tirado, which will make you feel like someone just poured bucket full of ice-cold water on top of you. The author is curious and thirsty for knowledge and never stops in front of obstacles or already achieved goals. He just moves to the next one. He shares with us his thought about people’s failures and what to learn from them.

His article is about the things that no one will teach us about them in school. The things that make us to think out of the box and search for more. For instance, to fly away from your parents’ house, to change out job, to escape from the dull life and start all over again and to do something valuable. The experience that we get from the real life has nothing to do with the education system. Such experience you can get when you find yourself and when you risk everything and lose everything. That’s how you will be able to find something great. And he will tell us when the odds are never in our favor in the Life game:

  • You have never lost it all. You are so comfortable in your mediocrity that you don’t even feel the need to try something new. You always tell how you have to learn a new language, but you don’t take a single class. And you are always complaining about your job, which you never leave. And while you stay right in your comfort zone and never dare to do something amazing with your life, someone will take your place in the career stair and you will be left behind only because of your laziness and timidity.

  • You care too much about other people’s opinion. And it’s not only that you care about it, but you adjust according to it in order to fit in society you don’t like. You care much about material stuff like your phone or your clothes, rather than the work you’ve done. And while you give your money for expensive cars, dinners and clothes, some other people will make the world adjust according to them, not the other way around.

  • The confidence about your knowledge is way too overpriced. In fact, your knowledge is average, like someone else’s knowledge. Because we all go to the same schools and learn the same lessons. The number means nothing. The true knowledge comes with life experience, not with a number of successful exams.

  • You don’t read. You only read for pleasure, light plots and pleasant characters. You think that history is boring and philosophy is dull. You prefer the TV shows in front of the books. The truth is that you can find anything in the books around us, especially these days when they are so affordable and available.

  • You are not curious. You believe too much in the news. Well, how about asking yourself the question: “What if all of that is not true?”. Just doubt in the things you hear and read, doubt even this article. Try to learn every day new facts, new topics, be intelligent.

  • You don’t ask questions. Don’t be afraid of asking questions, which means that you will face the situation when you won’t know the answer or when you won’t be able to share a personal opinion.

  • You are too proud to face the truth. Pleasant or not, the truth is that you don’t know anything. Raymmar Tirado is sure that you are so angry with this article that you think of it as dull thoughts of an old man. Well, if that’s how you feel, the article has created the wanted effect. Be angry, never feel completely satisfied and do something valuable with your life.


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