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7 Great Hair Rules for Women



Do you know there is a way to make your hair look great every time? There are 7 rules, you should follow and you will enjoy the beautiful hair of your dreams.

1. Easy shape

Your hair has a natural shape, don`t work against it. Choose a style and shape similar to your natural one in order to prevent damage.

2.Maintenance matters

Beautiful hair requires care, that`s why you should tak the time to go to the hair dresser regularly and apply the necessary treatments, which will make it healthier and stronger!

3.Be careful with new products

The market is full of hair care products and it is always best to patch test your hair, especially when it comes to hair dyes. Researching other opinions on this product, before buying it could save you lots of trouble.

4. Your hairs deserves your attention

Be nice to your hair, don`t torture it. Avoid metal pieces on hair bands, use proper brushes and combs and always use a heat protector, when styling your hair.

5.Choose the Right Tools

Sometimes paying a little bit more for a blow dryer for example could save you lots of trouble in future as it is a good investment, which will take a proper care for your hair.

6. Don`t overdo it if you need to take a thousand steps until you make your hair style, this is nothing more than a torture for your hair. Choose simple, easy to make hair styles on a daily basis and keep the complicated ones for special occasions.

7. Buy Quality Products

Don`t get stingy when it comes to hair cosmetics. Choose your products carefully and in accordance with your hair type. This is a very important ruse, so don`t dismiss it!


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