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6 Ways to Effectively Stop Body Odor


 Body odor, natural or not, is the worst. Do you remember that nasty man who got in the bus and brought a horrific smell with himself? The smell that almost made you faint? Well, imagine being that man. I, personally, would prefer walking around rather than torturing the people around me, if there wasn’t a way to stop it.

Many people are so used to the disgusting smell that they actually can’t tell that they are at fault. We’ve also got the friends who are too nice to tell that to you. Well, it might be something natural for the body, but it is not inevitable. You can avoid this from happening to you just by following a few tips, which are mainly the cause of the body odor.

Be careful of what you’re eating

There are foods that are able to make your sweat more pungent. The body odor is increased by red meat, garlic, curry and other spicy foods in general. You don’t have to completely delete them from your food regime, just try to consume them less.

Shave your Armpits

Now, I know that shaving is a matter of choice, but if you wish to get rid of the smell you have to shave the area under your arms. When there is hair, the evaporation of the sweat is slower, which leads to more bacteria. If you exercise or sweat a lot – wash your armpits a few times a day.

Breathable Clothing

The natural fibers, such as cotton, light wool, linen and silk, can decrease the sweating simply because they are categorized as “breathable clothing”. The exercise clothes are made of a fabric that wicks away any sort of moisture from the body. You can identify these clothes by the clothing tags. Another tip for decreasing the sweating is dressing up in layers.

Antiperspirants and Deodorants

The antiperspirants are blocking the sweating, while the deodorants are masking the smell of it. Along with replacing the smell, they also make the area less hospitable for bacteria. You can find antiperspirants in every drug store! Also another great tip is to apply the products twice a day – at night, before going to bed and in the morning, when the skin is dry.


People avoid deodorants because they have heard bad things about the aluminum chloride in it. However, there has been made a chain of studies, proving that the ingredient cannot be the cause of health problems.

Change your Shoes

If your problem is foot odor, than you have to change them often. Don’t walk in the same shoes for weeks, give them some time to dry inside by dusting them and your feet with foot powder.


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