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6 Tricks For Perfectly Washed Clothes


Washing clothes, even with a washing machine, can be tricky and that’s why every day many people ruin their clothes due to wrong washing. And when we have stains that we can’t wash with the regular washing powder, we tend to use bleach that’s more likely to ruin the clothes than to clean them. Here are 6 easy tricks that you can use if you have problems washing your clothes (some of them are strange, but work!):


1. Refresh your clothes with vodka

Alcohol works on clothes the way expensive detergents do. So if you want to save money and refresh old clothes that have been sitting in your wardrobe for months, try adding vodka to your washing powder and see what happens!

2.  Black coffee for worn out jeans

If your favorite jeans just sit in your closet because they are worn out, using black coffee on them can bring back their old shine. Just pour a cup of the coffee in the washing machine and enjoy the results.


3.  Frozing silk clothes instead of dry cleaning

If you don’t want to spend money on dry cleaning there is a far less expensive trick that you can try on your silk clothes. Hand wash your silk item, leave it to dry and put it in your freezer. When the item is frozen, take it out of the freezer and iron it, then leave it to dry again.

4. Salt enhances color

Two tablespoons of salt added to your washing powder can make color n your clothes look more vibrant and live. It’s important to know that this trick will ruin your silk and wool clothes, so try it only on cotton.


5. Milk against ink stains

Professionals say that lactid acid can be used against ink stains that as we know are extremely hard to clean. We advice you not to rely only on milk to clean your stains but to search for a professional stain remover.


6. Aspirin makes white “whiter”

Rumor has it that if you put 5 aspirins in hot water where you’re soaking a white shirt, it will become “whiter” because aspirin works as bleach on clothes. The problem is that you may need not 5, but 500 if you want some effect. So, if you really want to whiten your clothes, use bleach instead – at least you’ll be sure that the effect will be visible.



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