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6 Things That Will Make You More Attractive


Every girl wants to feel and look attractive and to have self-confidence. And many things help us look more atrractive – clothes, makeup, hair. But there are 6 nonphysical things that will help you feel more confident and attractive and I am going to share them with you!

  Surrounding yourself with people

According to a recent study, people tend to look more attractive when surrounded with people. So, if you take a group of friends and go out you have greater chances to be rated as attractive than if you go out alone. As weird as it sounds, it will do the trick!

  Showing your strengths

Talented people are seen as more attractive no matter their physical appearance. That means that if you can sing, dance or just calculate your dinner bill in your head, you will be considered as more attractive than if you didn’t have these talents. And if you don’t have any talents – not talents can be considered a talent, right?

Pulling your weight

Like having talents, doing your share of the work makes you more attractive. The same research that showed how people with talents are seen by others suggests that when you are not a slacker people see you as a valuable person and therefore, an attractive person. So, if you study hard and maintain high scores in college, that will make you attractive, not a bookworm!

Being a night person

This is kinda obvious, but still – according to researchers people tend to get more attractive towards the end of the night. And it’s not only due to alcohol use – it’s mainly because people don’t want to go to home alone and they don’t want to take an unattractive person, either. So, if many people want your number at the end of night, you should be sure – you are the most attractive girl in the club!

Making jokes

Think about it – who doesn’t like a funny guy? The moment someone shows a sense of humor, he/she immediatelly is seen as creative and intelligent (you know, for making a joke). And everybody loves an intelligent, funny and creative person! Next time you’re going out try rehearsing your best jokes in front of the mirror so you don’t ger embarrassed in front of your friends!

Laughing at jokes

Oh, surprise! People who not only tell jokes, but laugh at them, too, are considered more attractive than people who are dead serious at all times. Of course, don’t go for the fake laugh because then people would probably think you’re shallow and won’t see you as an attractive person!



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