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5 ways to make your haircut last longer


We all want to have perfect haircut and healthy hair. Unfortunately, going to the hair salon is something that we can afford doing as often as every three months. Here are 5 tips to make you haircut last longer without going to the hair salon!

  1. Don’t go too short

Every girl who had a bob knows that shorter hair needs more maintenance than longer hair. Because of that don’t go for short hair if you don’t want to go get a trim every other month.

  1. Choose layers, not geometric cuts

Like the bob hairstyle, geometric cuts need more upkeep than layers because they stand out more. Go for long layers that will grow along with your hair and you haircut won’t lose its shape that fast.

  1. Texturizing

Texturing is especially helpful when you want to eliminate the tringle effect (flat on top and poofy at the bottom) and have thick, prone to frizz hair. You’ll leave the salon with smooth and even hair.

  1. Conditioning

Having a great haircut is not only in the hands of the hair stylist. In order to keep your hair looking good you need to take special care of it and use a deep conditioning mask once a week and heat it as little as possible. As far as the masks, you can use a store-bought one or make it yourself using any kind of oil – almond, coconut, olive, etc. Apply before you shower and let it sit for a couple of minutes before you wash it off.

  1. Cut it yourself

Although hair stylists do not recommend cutting your hair at home, sometimes just to preserve your haircut you can trim the split ends yourself. You can do this using the twisting method – grab a small piece of hair, twist it in one direction, run your fingers of your up and down the twist and cut the frayed ends with sharp scissors. That way your hair will look tidy and healthy longer.


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