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5 Truths About the Fashion World You Don’t Want to Know


These days the fashion industry is getting some not so flattering comments about its behavior. Too many different styles and clothes, an open sexual advertisement, humanitarian issues, animal abuse, lawsuits and so on. No matter how hard the fashion titans try to cover up these ugly truths, with charity for instance, after all they are Truths and they are what the reality in the fashion world is. The fashion is one of the ugliest industries in the world. Here is what you don’t want to know about it:

The fashion trends are made, on purpose, with only a week shelf life

Once upon a time there were only two Fashion seasons – Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. These days we can find about 50 micro seasons every year. With this type of work they want to make the fashion lovers to keep shopping and shopping, they are encouraging it this way. It’s well known that stores like H&M and Forever21 are releasing new styles daily, and Topshop is presenting 400 styles every week on their website. The fashion calendar is designed in order to release a new trend every week, so when you wear an outfit this week, the next one it’ll be no longer fashionable.

The “Sale” is just a myth

The outlets are just one very good business deal between the retailer and the designer. When you think that you are buying a designer’s stuff at a really low price remember this: Often the retailers are making a deal with the designer to attach his tags to the clothes that the retailers are making, a low-quality clothes. That’s how they lie to us. We think that we are making a very good bargain, but in fact we are spending money on something we don’t want.

Your clothes contain lead and dangerous chemicals

According to the Center of environmental protection the Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, Forever21 and other popular stores are selling items with lead – shoes, purses, belts. Items with high content of lead is extremely dangerous, especially for young women, because it leads to problematic pregnancy, bigger chance of infertility, infarcts, insults and problems with the blood pressure.

The clothes are purposely made to fall apart

We can give as examples again H&M, Forever21 and Zara as stores which are designing clothes with low quality. Their target groups are the poor people. Their business models are controlled by the need for clothes and what they are doing is increasing this need by producing low quality clothes which are able to fall apart after the first washing.

Edges and sequins = Child labor

Too often the clothes we are buying are made at home from low-paid and out-of-low workers. So, next time you are about to buy shiny and fancy top, think of the little tired hands of the little tired child, which are sewing these sequins onto the top one by one.

Unfortunately the fashion has many dirty secrets, which could make us stop using one or another store. When you like the style of a store, do some research about their work and business models and believes. Be careful and keep up with the news of the fashion world.


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