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5 Tricks for Thin-looking Face


If you have rounded face and you want it to look a little bit thinner, you should try these simple tricks for making your face look not so big and rounded:

  1. Contour your face

It’s not at the first place for no reason. Contouring your face gives you the power to highlight your beautiful features and to hide your flaws. There are a lot of contouring techniques out there. Go on and try the best for you.

  1. Shape your eyebrows

Thick, angular eyebrows make your face look longer and slimmer. Besides, it’s very popular now to have nice, thick brows, bet on the natural, looks like it’s working for us.

  1. Draw attention to your eyes

If you don’t have enough time to have a healthy naps or long sleep, you should take care of the dark circles under your eyes (if you have them). Be always well-stocked with concealer, eyeliner and mascara. Put the shadows that match your eyes and try to sleep more or make some beauty masks, they will relax you either.

  1. Choose the right hairstyle

Long layers of hair that fall below your chin elongate your face. So, just make some experiments until you find the proper haircut for your face shape.

  1. Cat-eyes makeup

That sassy-looking makeup draws attention to the corner of your eyes and makes your face look slimmer.


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