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5 Tips For Dry Skin


Seasons are quickly changing as the days pass, but there is also something else changing at an incredible speed – the weather. This small factor has actually an enormous influence on your skin. So, how about we learn some tips on how to take good care of our skin and not let it get dry?

1. During the cold weather

As the temperatures go lower and lower the skin’s natural moisturizing process becomes slower. You should already know that the dry air also dries your skin. As the weather starts changing many people start complaining about their dry and itchy skin. What can you do to prevent this process? Install a humidifier  at home to keep the air moisturized. Regulate the room’s temperature around 20-22 degrees Celsius. Before leaving home in the winter, protect the most sensitive parts of your body – lips, face and hands, with a scarf and mittens, along with the needed moisturizing creams.

2. Quick showers

Yes, I know that staying in the showers for quite some time can be delightful, but that actually dries your skin a lot. The hot water might calm your body, but it washes away all natural oils covering your skin. This is why you must shower quickly with not that hot water. Five to ten minutes are enough to get clean without damaging your skin.

3. Soaps

Don’t just use a random kind of soap when showering – they are not all the same. There are soaps that will practicaly destroy your natural barrier, which protects and keeps your skin moisturized. We advise you to use a soft soap with no aroma which hydrates and cleans at the same time. Choose a soap which is especially made for dry skin!

4. No rubbing

You might be thinking that if you rub your skin hard enough you will clean it better? I have a big no for you! Ditch this myth along with the sponge. While rubbing your skin that hard, you make it drier. Use your hands or a soft towel to clean yourself.

5. Lotion after shower

Right after you get out of the shower smear lotion all over your body. Not any type of lotion – a moisturizing one! Don’t dry your body with a towel, because that way you will dry your skin. Our goal here is to keep the body hydrated, and when you put lotion over your body we will manage to stamp it and leave it moisturized.



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