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5 Tips for Beautiful Lips


Lips should be juicy, smooth and kissable, however it is not always easy to achieve. That`s why we have some tips, which could help! Follow them and check for yourself!

Tip 1. Exfoliate and Moisturize

Do you regularly moisturize and exfoliate your face? Well, the lips are no different. Take care of them. Make your lips smooth and kissable with regular moisturizing and exfoliation. There are plenty of products, which could help you!

Tip 2. Line

Line your lips with a lip liner, matching the hue of your lipstick. This will highlight their shape and will prevent the lipstick from going outside the lip borders.

Tip 3. Tint

When you line the lips, it is quite important to fill them in, but instead of applying lipstick directly, it is best to add some tint. This way, your lips will not be without any colour if you don`t applly lipstick every half an hour.

Tip 4. Lipstick

When your lips are prepared, simply apply your lipstick. It is always to go for quality lipsticks, as otherwise you might not be satisfied neither by the hue nor by the effect it has on your lips. Never underestimate quality cosmetics!

Tip 5. Seal

Now you need to “seal the deal” for seductive, kissable lips. After you`ve applied the lipstick hold a tissue over your lips and brush it with translucent powder. The powder will fall evenly onto the lips and seal the colour for longer




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