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5 Tips Fo Shaving Less Often


 Shaving is something we all have to do and it is a task that cannot be simply avoided. However, won’t you love it if you had to shave less often? Let’s see how to make this and the process a bit faster!


Exfoliation is good for the skin and you get a very smooth shave if you do it regularly. It removes the dead skin and exposes even the smallest hair that might have been missed.

Razor Choice

You have to know which razor works best for your skin. There are so many types that it’s kind of hard to find the one that works best. Try a few brands and see which will give you the best impression. Also, men’s razors allow women to get a closer shave with less cuts.


Shaving against the grain is a very neat trick to shaving less often. This is probably the closest shave possible and there will be some time until you have to go over the same spot again.

Keep Clean

Make sure your razor is clean after you use it, and when it starts looking badly it is time to change it. Using a clean razor and changing them frequently guarantees a long lasting shave.


Do you know the greatest of all tricks to shaving less often? Conditioner is known as the best body product to shave with. Not only will the shave be close, but it will also soften your skin. Conditioners are also cheaper than shaving creams!


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