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5 Things You Must Never Do During An Interview!


There are a few things you must avoid doing at an interview. Many things you do are actually quite tricky and your interviewer is using them as a decoy to weigh up your decisions.


So, let’s see if you have actually done some of the mistakes I will share with you.

1. Inhale!

It’s a common mistake to constantly speak when you are nervous. Yeah, it’s understandable that you are under stress during an important interview, but you should learn to not show them that. The non-stop talking makes your surrounding think that you actually do not listen to them – this is why you must also ask them clever questions.

2. Too much perfume!

The whole office smells of your perfume. And I am not saying that as someting good – it is not. There is something that people call a “bussiness etiquette”. For your coworkers and employers the abudant perfume is a big minus.

3. The FaceBook community should not be immediately informed.

Yeah, that means that you should log in to your account and immediately write a status about the interview you were just at. Your employers must reassure themselves that you know the meaning of the word discretion. And, believe me, they can easily find your social accounts. You’ve got the human resources department, where Google employees work and it’s quite easy to do a research on you.

4. Too friendly.

This is also a common mistake. Most of the interviewers try to be a little bit friendlier during an interview, because it is a known fact that when they lighten up the mood it will be easier for the candidate and he or she will not feel as nervous as before. However, your future boss does not expect you  to go all friendly on him as well. Act professional and watch your words.

5. Don’t mention your last boss!

Yeah, no matter what an ass he had been, you mustn’t start talking about him. Don’t call him things, don’t comment his decisions or behavior. Your interviewers are not going to be delighted with the words you may choose, because, after all, they will end up thinking that you will start talking about them as well as the time goes by, and, to be honest, no one fancies that.


So, be careful, because there are many traps during an interview you must avoid!



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