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5 Tasty Lunches That You Can Do In 5 Minutes


We live in a time when we are constantly late for something and therefore we constantly don’t have time. I can’t remember the last time I had time to sit and have a proper lunch, either by myself or with friends, so my lunches consist mainly of fast food, because, well, it’s fast! But not anymore! I have a solution for everyone out there who, like me, needs to stop eating junk food and start eating healthy and fresh. I will show you 5 different recipes for fast lunches that you can make before you go to work or in the lunch-break. You’ll just need 5 minutes!

Mozzarella, red pepper, tomato and basil sandwich

It’s pretty self-explanatory – take your bread (or baguette)  and add sliced tomatoes, sliced roasted red peppers (like the ones that come in a jar), sliced mozzarella and some chopped basil. Add some mayo and lemon juice and your yummy sandwich is ready!

Ham and swiss wrap

I love eating wraps all day long and that’s why this lunch is my favorite from the bunch. You will need a tortilla or a wrap, few leaves of romaine, ham, swiss cheese and mayo or other toppings of your choice. I like to add tomatoes to my but that’s your choice.

BLT salad

In a large re-sealable container add some romaine lettuce, cooked bakon, sliced tomatoes and a dressing made by mixing mayo with lemon juice. Make this at home and eat a healthy lunch at work that will make you more productive and give you energy for the rest of the day.

Manchego and pear sandwich

To make this sandwich, take a slightly rosted slice of bread and drizzle it with olive oil. Add some sliced pears, Manchego cheese and watercress and you’re done! This sandwich gives you just a hint of sweetness which makes its taste much more unique!

Arugula salad with red peppers, artichoke and chèvre

Again, find yourself a container and start mixing some arugula leaves, chopped roasted red peppers, halved artichoke hearts and some chèvre chunks together. Add oil and vinegar and again, I would add some tomatoes because I think they go really well withe the peppers and the cheese.



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