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5 Reasons Why You Have Weak Nails


We all love good-looking manicure, no matter if it is just a one-color layer or a little masterpiece. Unfortunately, the way we take care of our manicure, often ruins our nails and make them weak. In this article, we are just about to show you 5 reasons, which might help you find out, why you don`t have the strong nails you want.

1. You always wear nail polish

Nail polish is not as gentle as you might think, that`s why it is very important to take some time with no nail polish on, in order to protect the nails. Give them a break.

2. Many girls just go for the next cute nail polish and simply forget to apply a base coat just under the nail polish. It will also prevent your nails from getting yellow.

3.Constantly changing your colors

If you want a different main everyday, you might look cool, but your nails suffer. Especially if you remove the old nail polish with an acetone based nail polish remover.

4. Peeling off your nail polish

Many girls unconsciously (or consciously) peel their nail polish with bare hands. This is not good for your nails, because the nail cells crow in a specific direction and if you change it manually, this might cause breakage.

5. What matters is the color

Actually nails are part of our bodies and such we need to take care of it by being in good health. You need vitamins and minerals, which will strengthen your nails (as well as hair, too) Don`t just concentrate on your nail polish colour, think of how to make your nails naturally good.



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