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5 Quick Tips How to Straighten Your Hair


I won’t waste your time talking about how bad all the chemicals you put in your hair are for it. I will just give you 5 quick tips for making your hair as straight as possible without having to go to a hair salon and giving tons of money to a professional. Because, who doesn’t like silky straight hair?

Here are our 5 quick tips:

1. If you have naturally wavy hair you can easily straighten it using a blow dryer and a hair straightner. I advice you to add a little shine to your hair and give it some volume using volumizing products to make it more flowy and flexible.

2. So, your hair is washed and you need to dry it. Apply straightening cream, which will help it dry faster and make your hair shiny (and, of course, help with straightening). Spread it evenly with both hands. Don’t use too much product, you need as much product as one peanut.

3.  Start drying your hair with a blow dryer layer by layer, but without shaping it. This will damage your roots less. Then, brush your hair gently. This will help your hair stay soft and smooth. Take special care for the hair around your face, because this is its frame at the hair should be extra smooth there.

4. Every lock has to be straightened on its own. Don’t go over and over one spot because you will hurt you hair. Hair straighteners damage your hair and take all the moist from your locks. After that, it will take months to revive your hair and get all this moist back. This is why you have to work quickly and gently.

5. If you want to add volume to you hair you can use hair curlers on the top layers on your hair. They won’t make your hair curly, but will give it a natural volume without teasing and damaging the roots. After that don’t brush it to keep the volume.

Note: When you’re straightening your hair use different hair products to protect your hair from the heat. They will also keep your hairstyle for days and you won’t have to straighten it again.



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