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5 Perfect Diets From Around The World


It is a known fact that the Mediterranean kitchen is very healthy for the fit fugure and how effective their diets are. However, there are some other spots all over the world which can also praise themselves with a healthy kitchen.

Below we will introduce to you five of the best diets from all over the world!



One of the healthiest diets is probably the Japanese one. The high fish contents provide the Omega-3 fatty acids. They deminish the risk of heart illness and infarctions. The diet itself consists of many cruciferous vegetables and fermented soy, and thanks to their balancing effect on the hormones they decrease the risk of breast cancer. The Japanese also eat a lot of seaweed, which load the organism with a lot of minerals, such as selen and iodine for a healthy tyroide function.

From the Japanese kitchen, you can add in your menu fish like salmon, sardines, mackerel, herring and trout, broccoli, cauliflower, soy, seaweed, colerape, Brussels sprout, cabbage.


Iceland is a country, very well-known with its fresh fish rich on Omega-3 acids, which also decreases the risks of dementia and Alzheimer. The Icelandish diet is full of high quality milk products. Along with eating a lot of fish, add skyr to your menu as well – it’s a traditional dish made of curd milk.


Sweden is also famous for its high quality milk products. Their Filmjölk is one of their traditional dishes, which is incredibly healthy for our guts. The swedish menu is full of foods with unrefide carbonhydrates, such as rye bread and loafs.


Teff is made of corn producuts with no gluten, rich on fibers, iron, protein and calcium. The Ethiopians eat a lot of lentils, which has a balancing effect on the hormones as well. Add to your menu healthy corn products, such as teff, bulgur, elda, along with lentils.

South Korea

The Omega-3 is part of the food products here as well, provided from fish and tofu. The Koreans believe that the longevity and beauty is thanks to their traditional dish kimchi. It’s rich on fibers and vitamins, along with loads of special ingredients. You can add the kimchi to your menu, along with tofu, pickles, fish, garlic and soy.


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