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5 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Curling Iron


Curls can be our best friends. It’s a great hairstyle, has many types and styles and you can use it for every event you can think of. Weddings? Birthdays? Work? Traveling? Everything! But, of course, there is one bit but in everything good, there are several mistakes that could be made. I bet you are actually making them, too!

Are you curious about what I’m talking about? Below I have made a list where you can see what they are and how to fix them!

  1. Choosing The Wrong Size Of The Barrel

    The size of the barrel is one of the most important things when it comes to the shape and effect you wish you curls to be and have. If you want clear and sharp curls, you should use a smaller barrel. The bigger barrel will make your hair slightly curled – you will acquire the effect of the beach waves.

  2. Curling Too-Big Clumps Of Hair

    If your hair is thick and large, you should section it and curl it strand by strand, lock by lock, starting from the bottom to the top of the head. Otherwise your curls are not going to be long-lasting and you will not be able to make the wanted hairstyle properly.

  3. Using Too Much Heat

    You should choose the level of the heat according to your hair in order to not damage it. If you have fine, thin or fragile hair, curl it in the lowest level of your curling iron. The heat will quickly damage and dry your hair. Also, don’t hold the barrel to your hair longer than it’s necessary. Sometimes from five to ten seconds is all it takes. Let your hair cool down a bit and if you think you need to repeat, do it afterwards again. Just find out what’s the perfect time and temperature for your own hair. As you know, the hair has an individual character!

  4. Curling In The Wrong Direction

    It’s all about shaping the hairstyle in order to match your face. So, when you work on the right side, curl the strands toward the right. Apply the same rule on the left side!

  5. Trying To Curl Damp Hair

    Do not do that! You can damage your hair a lot more when it’s wet. This is the biggest mistake you can make, this is something incredibly unhealthy for your locks! Let the hair dry completely before you start playing with the curling iron.



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