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4th of July – A Celebration of One of te Most Influential Countries in the World


Today is one of the most significant American holidays: the Independence Day. In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed and marked the American independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Since then America has been growing, changing and becoming a more influential actor in the world.


4th of July is a national federal holiday in the USA. It is a day when a mood of patriotism prevails and many people praise the nation’s heritage, accomplishments, great figures, etc. Since the holiday is in the summer, most American families take the opportunity to organize picnics or barbecues outdoors. Decorations are usually in the colors of the American flag.


Maybe the most significant component of the Independence Day celebrations are the fireworks. Major cities compete which is going to astound society with something more spectacular and beautiful.

The celebration of 4th of July, similar to Thanksgiving, is an occasion when families reunite which leads to lots of traffic and busy travel systems.

Happy 4th of July to America!


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