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4 Ways You Are Putting Your Eyeliner Wrong



Yes, there are actually wrong ways on putting your eyeliner. It sounds strange, but it’t true.

In fact, some mistakes can be rather lethal on your image if you make them, even when it has been unconsciously. Below, you will read a few very important lessons which you must always avoid! Be careful.


  1. Overdoing It On The Bottom Lid

When you have heavily lined the bottom lid with a dark color, it can makes your eyes smaller. Another bad thing about doing that, is that the product will definitely smudge and it will not be delightful both for you and your surroundings. This is why people use a light pencil for defining their bottom lid! Light eye shadows work good on the case as well.


  1. Only Using Black And Brown

These colors are very protective and pent up. Do you wish to look as if you have been caged in a capsule for years? No. Add a little bit of nude or white pencil. That’s all you need to immediately change your image.


  1. There Is A Difference Between Pencil, Gel And Liquid

Yeah. These are not just forms of eyeliners. All three of them have a different role while applying your makeup. The pencil liners are the quickets to put on without smearing. Gel liners give out more of a glamorous look. They are also waterproof! And another fact for the gel ones is that they allow full control of the line’s thickness. And then we have the advanced type – the liquid liner. It is more precise and needs a steady hand durring the applyance.


  1. Putting It On Unevenly

If you wish to make an even line from the beginning till the end, avoid tugging the outer corners of your eyes. The skin crinckles which ends up detroying your piece of work and you end up wiping off the whole liner just because of a tiny smudge! Also, there is something you don’t know – you are actually not supposed to draw your liner all the way across your lashline in one motion. Yu will get bump with your brush catching on loose skin. You are actually supposed to go from the inner corner to the center of your lid, reload and start from the outer corner until you reach the center again.





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