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4 Things That Scares Men Away


Well, ladies, let’s talk about men. Don’t think that they don’t have any concerns about new relationships. We have worries, of course, we worry about many things, but we don’t expect men to worry about relationships. Let see what exactly is bothering them:

It appears that 67% of the men are feeling more calm and confident if women asks them on a first date. Sometimes a man is not confident enough for making the first step. May be he thinks that he is out of your league and that you are not interested. If you are not willing to make the first move, but you really like the guy you should send him some signs that you are going to say Yes when he asks you out. So, laugh at his jokes, touch his hand or shoulder, “casually” and “not on purpose”.

He thinks that he is just a number in your list. He just has to compete, it’s in man’s personality since forever. If he likes you and see that you are feeling are not different he will try to win you, keep it casual, but don’t overdo it, because he can lose his interest if you are too hard to get.

Moving too slow. The bedtime is a tricky moment. He knows that going too fast at that moment can scare the woman away, but if he is delaying that moment you should take the initiative in your hands. Send him some hints that the moment has come and you are ready to have some bed fun.

He is worried that he isn’t good enough for you. Often women are better in so many fields than men that the men are getting competitive and scared of your power. When you are on your first date, don’t ruin its ego with jokes and mockeries. When he says something nice about him, try to encourage him by agreeing and congratulating him in some way.

The chance of breaking up scares him. Even on the first several dates he is not sure that this can turn out into a relationship, So, if you are interested in the man you should encourage him with some hints and compliments.

If you have male friend you should ask him for some advices when it comes to first dates. He will help you behave properly with a man, especially when you want the things to increase into a relationship. Have fun and good luck!


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