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4 Foods Against Swollen Stomach


The swollen stomach is something inevitable for the women, and it’s very uncomfortable and unpleasant. Such a thing can even destroy your holiday, believe me!


It is important for you to know how to deal with it during and extreme situation and below you will see a list of four foods and drinks which are surely going to help you when you’re in need. Especially before it has gotten serious and starts to hurt.

Mint Tea

Mint calms your stomach and helps and fastens the digestion process. Frequently the stomach starts swelling due to a slow metabolism and leads to pain. It’s suggested to drink two cups of mint tea, cold or hot, after eating. Not everyone fancy it’s taste, but it’s healthy.


Pineapple is both healthy and oftenly used in diets. It is adviced to not consume it in the form of a drink – by a fresh pineapple from the store, peel it and eat it!

Dark Chocolate

The dark chocolate is  rich on antioxidants, which can help you calm down and get rid of your nervousness. The chocolate with over 70% of cocoa decreases the apetite!


The banana is high on calories, but it can help you deal with your swollen stomach! One banana is said to ecqual two pieces of bread, but it’s much healthier. Consuming one banana between mastication is a way to deal with your problem!


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  1. I have this so so much! I actually have a puffy belly so much that at times its not so swollen it seems like I lost a few pounds! So thank you for this!! Now I know what will help 🙂

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