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4 Easy Steps to Perfectly Curled Hair


Not having time in the morning is one of the most common problems a girl can have. And when you have to choose which to skip – finished makeup, ironed clothes or cute hairstyle, we often choose the third option. But with this hair tutorial you won’t have to skip anything in the morning or when you don’t have time. With several easy steps you’ll go from flat hair to flirty curls!
You’ll need a blowdryer, a brush, a curling wand/curling iron and hairspray.
1. First, part your hair in the middle and blowdry it.
2. Then, starting from one side, grab a section and curl it with you curling tool but be sure to curl away from your face!
3. After you’re done with one side, do the same thing with the other part of your hair, again curling away from the face.
4. Brush through the curls to make them more bouncy and spray some hairspray to hold them in place.
And that’s it! In 4 easy steps you get a perfectly curled hair! Tomorrow morning get up 15 minutes earlier and try this hairstyle. I’m sure you’ll be amazed by the finished look!

Now that school started and you’d want to change up your hairstyle every once in a while, you can easily take this hait tutorial and add a little something every day! You can add a hearband, especially is it’s once of those floral ones that were really trendy all summer long, and with the right pair of flats and e dress make your look very girly and cute. When your hair starts getting a little greasy, gather it in a high ponytail and tease it to add volume to the whole look. You can try and make a messy bun by wrapping your hair around the elastic and using some bobby pins to get everything in place.

Another cool way to do your hair is taking some hair, making a small braid and wrapping it around the bun you’ve just made. The last thing you can do when your hair gets really dirty is just to put a hat! Now, when the weather’s getting colder, you can use beanies to hide the top of your hair and still look cute. And you can always make a cool braid to add to your beanie for a more laid-back look!


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