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3 Diet Myths Busted


There are some myths about dieting and you should be aware of them, before deciding whether to include or exclude something from your menu.

1. Cardio is better than weights

Most people believe that waking up in 6 am and running for at least an hour in the park will definitely help them lose weight. Well, it`s not a lie- you`ll burn lots of calories, but think long-term. Do you know that every kilo of muscles you build helps you lose over 6 calories more per hour? That`s why you need to get fit. Weights should be a part of your workout routine, too. This way your weight-loss plan will work efficiently.

2.Carbs are forbidden

This bad fame come from the Atkins diet probably, but more and more people blindly believe that carbs are evil – they are not actually. Carbs are important part of your menu and one of the main energy sources in your body. What`s more they help control the blood sugar levels and make it easier for the body to absorb calcium. Of course, if your daily intake of carbs is too high – it is not good, so be careful. Balance is the key.

3. Healthy food is too expensive

What a good excuse. Many people prefer to blindly believe that a low bill in the supermarket is better than a fit and healthy body. Actually healthy food is not so expensive as the rumor says. You just need to know what to buy.

If you find the fresh vegetables too dear, then simply go for the frozen ones, they are cheaper and also have their qualities. The tinned fruits are the same, however the problem with them might be the sugar content, so be careful. Remember it is always better to buy a kilo of apples, rather than spend your money on hamburgers and fast food.

If you want to lose weight, you need a responsible approach. Never underestimate what the specialists say. But don`t trust them blindly, do your own research and learn more about your body and how to build good eating and exercising habits.


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