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2014 Swimsuits Trends


The beginning of summer is always marked by a few key rituals: booking your vacation, late night walks on the streets and…buying a new swimsuit. It’s a fun way to feel that the warmest time of year has come, to dream for lazy days on the beach under the umbrella. Swimsuit trends usually do not vary greatly, or at least they stay similar for a few seasons. However, here are some ideas and you go swimsuit-hunting in the mall:

Ironically, some of the 2014 swimsuit trends are quite unpractical if you plan to be tanning with them. They look very beautiful, but would leave weird lighter shapes on your body if you spend too much time in the sun. Still, we advise you to stay stylish and healthy and hide from the sun, rather than bake under it.

  • Asymmetry and untraditional bikini sets are key this season. 
  • Retro style: High-waisted shorts and pin-up polka dot prints remind us of the 60s and are great evidence that good fashion always comes back in style! This specific trend is particularly suitable for more curvy figures.

retro    swim bikini












  • Sporty-style: One-piece swimsuits and fitness-like sets may remind us of swimming practice, but they also give a casual vibe which makes every girl look sexy. 






  • Boho fashion: The almighty bohemian trend has invaded swimsuit styles too. Paisley prints, fringes and other boho details are in perfect balance with the sunny season of freedom.

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