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20 rules every man should know!


Here’s a little guide to tricks, rules, tips and advice that every modern man should know!


  1. Never, ever do ‘good ideas’ happen after 2am!


  1. Confidence and personality is actually an asset to a woman – not just looks and body!


  1. Pushing someone in to a swimming pool with their clothes on and iPhone in their pocket is not actually funny or a good idea – especially when you have to fork out a cool $600 for a new phone!


  1. Impress a girl on a date… Valet is always a MUST on a date. Keep some emergency notes in your car for when you don’t have cash on you


  1. ALWAYS open a door for a woman


  1. You meet a celebrity – you want an autograph – NEVER!


  1. Wash your car regularly, you will be more confident in a clean, tidy car
  2. Start your day with an ice cold shower; it’ll wake you up like a fog horn. If you can’t stand the idea of it, do some dips, push-ups, benches to work up a sweat until the thought of an ice cold shower sounds like the best thing since sliced bread!


  1. A simple thank you note or compliment goes a long, long way


  1. It’s the first date not an interview – quit talking and let her ask all the questions


  1. Never make yourself the center of attention on the dance floor – you’ll just look like a fool!


  1. Never, ever meet her there – always pick her up


  1. Nothing says ‘loser / trying too hard’ than a monogram on a shirt or jumper!


  1. A graphic shirt is always a bad idea – you’re a walking advertisement!


  1. A goatee or mustache is a great way to add 10 years on to your age – why would you wanna look 10 years older?


  1. Unless you work on a ranch or sing country music for the crowds for a living – it is never cool to wear a cowboy hate – you look like an idiot!


  1. If you un-sure of the dress code for a date – always reach for your tailor-made suit


  1. Invite people personally – NEVER via Facebook!


  1. If you’re thinking of posting something on social media about politics – DON’T!


  1. Shop with your other half but never for yourself. It is sooooo rude to keep her waiting while you try on a dodgy shirt at the mall – do that solo!




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