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20 Minutes a Day For a Better Life


We always tend to say that we don’t have time for this or that or whoever knows what. We miss our workouts because of no time. We don’t read, don’t relax and furthermore. The fact that we are living a very busy life is a well known one and no one argues with that.

But the truth is there is something we could do. Everyone who respects themselves should know that there is a sight difference between just thinking about chanching something and actually making it a habit and getting used to it.

There is a rule for the 20 minutes, which actually is about very simple psychological change and getting used to stuff. It is because you can really take anything for 20 minutes. It is not that much, but in the same time it could totally move your life to a better and happier stage.

The 20-minute rule actually does work in a couple of areas. And if you just tried, you will be surprised with yourself. Slight difference in your every day routine won’t be that much and at one point you will be glad you took the step.

  • Doing 20 minutes a day of any sport will keep the illness away. You will become a person, who doesn’t need to worry about their healthy
  • If every day you spend 20 minutes on training your concentration, you won’t have problems doing your job fast. Also you won’t have inspirational crisis
  • If you live I a chaos you can change that in only 20 minutes. If you every day just clean your home and tidy, your life will be in order and you won’t be lost in a total chaos, trying to find something all the time. 
  • If you spend only 20 minutes a day reading on topics that concern your knowledge (or actually any reading will be good for you) you will do justice for yourself. That way you won’t be ashamed of how rich your vocabulary is or how much you know on certain topics. Soon enough you will become and expert. 
  • Do you have enough time to listen to the people closest to you and help them feel better? If not think about those 20 minutes. They might not ruin your day, but they will definitely  increase the significant others one. 
  • Do you listen to yourself? Do you take time to write things you think and ideas down? If not start doing that. Writing down stuff for only 20 minutes a day, will make you keep ideas and appreciate your mind!
  • You probably have a job or if not, that doesn’t matter. That one concerns everybody. If you just don’t spend a day without those 20 minutes to think about money sources and career development you sooner or later will stop worrying about money and won’t have any troubles with it!
  • And last, but not least – spend 20 minutes a day relaxing. For everyone the relaxation is a different type, but whatever you like. That way you won’t feel exhausted all the time and you will enjoy life to the fullest.

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