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15 tips on how to use mascara best


Every woman loves the little tricks in makeup – see some truly spectacular tricks to apply mascara
The mascara is a key means by which you make your eyes bigger and better shaped . With little space it occupies in your bag , it has the power to make huge changes in your eyes . But here’s the little tricks to better results when you use alcohol .

1. Countless options – one solution.
On the market there is a wide variety of spirals with different effects – Before selecting your , must try several models .

2 . Curl your lashes !
Before applying mascara, it is better to bend the lashes with an instrument eyelash curler , which will visually make your eyes bigger. He never had makeup on longer eyelashes – this can break them .

3 . Zigzag machines.
Start with the application of the roots of the lashes with zigzag movements pull up – this prevents lumps of texture of alcohol under the lashes .

4 . Clean the brush.
After each use, clean the brush can spiral of debris and lint .

5 . Divide them !
Sometimes tushat spiral sticky eyelashes. You can split them up , brush them with a fine comb , but only when dry.

6 . Distribute them !
Before you start with the application of mascara , eyelash distribute well to obtain a uniform coating.

7 . What color ?
If you are holding the long eyelashes, you can use a lighter shade of black to lashes do not look too long . If you lack capacity , you can use a solid black that will give plenty .

8 . Twice – only if necessary.
In most cases, a layer of mascara is enough , but if you decide to apply a second , make sure that the first has dried well and the texture of the helix is ​​lightweight and will not weigh on your lashes .

9. Powder ?
It is recommended that you apply to very delicate amount of powder on the lashes , as it keeps the spiral as long as possible and adds volume.

10 . Correction of errors .
If a spotting spiral until you move in, you can fix it with a little foundation or concealer to apply with a cotton swab on the spot.

11 . Basis for eyelashes.
It is better before applying mascara applying cream foundation that strengthens lashes and makes the color more intense than this one idea and added length and volume.

12. Attention to the corners .
The corners are the place where our lashes are longer . Make sure not to miss – you can close your eyes to get better results .

13. Some help.
This is a simple and easy way to move – insert a business card or other cardboard with a smooth surface between the upper and lower lashes , then gently lift the card to curl eyelashes. Apply mascara in this position – so it will be distributed evenly.

14. Eyelashes and the hair of the scalp.
They are not very different from each other . But when he falls eyelash does not grow back as hairs . Therefore, we must nourish them with a basis for eyelashes.

15 . Waterproof ? Not every day .
This type of mascara makes lashes dry and weaker , so it is appropriate to use it rarely or only when you need it .



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