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13 Useful Tips For Travellers


O you love to travel and discover new worlds? This is your passion and you want to take the maximum of it. Every journey is always full of emotions and moments one could never forget. However there are some minor issues which could ruin the moment and we want to help you avoid them. Find below 13 really useful tips, which will make your journey even better.

  1. Online reservations

If you usually reserve hotels online, try using the incognito function of your browser. The websites monitor your visits, so they can raise their prices at the very last moment, just because they know you are already interested.

  1. Protect your cables

With so many technologies around it is sometimes difficult to preserve the chargers` cables when always on the move, so use a pen spring to prevent any issues. Simply put it at the base and you are done.


In order to save some space in the suitcase, instead of folding your clothes, try rolling them. You`ll be amazed how much space you have.

4.Scan your documents

Scan your documents before leaving home. This way, in case something happens with the originals, you`ll have a copy on your smartphone or tablet. Pretty useful.


Tangled  headphone wires could be a real nightmare. To prevent this simply wrap them with a binder clip.


If you want to keep your collar as if it was just ironed, put a belt into it.

  1. Air-plane

We all dislike turbulence, so if you want to get the most of your flight, choose a seat near the wings. This way you won`t feel it that strong.

8.OK Maps Application

This applications allows you to save maps from Google Maps and use them offline at a later stage.

9.Stretch foil

This is a very useful item anyway, but you can wrap your bottles and other liquid containers in order to prevent them from spilling.

10. Stick a “Fragile” note

Even if there is nothing fragile in your luggage, you can stick a note, so they are more careful. What`s more – usually at the airports, suitcases with a “Fragile” note are on the top of the pile, which means your luggage will be one of the first after you get off the plane.

11.Use ATM instead of Change bureaus at the airport

It might be better for you due to some differences in the currency rate. In any case, check which option works best for you.

12. Bring an adapter with you.

If you do so, you`ll quickly turn into the airport`s super hero. Don`t believe us – try it and you`ll see.

13.And last, but not least – be generous and compassionate.

You will most likely not need coins in a different currency, when leaving a certain country, so check your pockets and give these coins to people or even better – charity boxes, which need them.

In any case don`t forget to have fun and enjoy your journey. No matter if you travel alone or with friends and family, don`t forget your main goal and don`t let anything ruin this awesome experience!



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