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12 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger


  In my opinion, big eyes are one of the most attractive features in a woman and I constantly search for ways to make mine look bigger than they already are. Here are some tips on how to make your eyes look bigger and brighter:

  1. Lash out

Tip number 1 is to use the proper mascara on the proper places. For thickness, apply mascara at the base of the lashes using quick right to left strokes. For length, apply the tip of the mascara wand to the ends of the lashes and drag in an upwards direction.

  1. Frame the face

If you want a pollished makeup look, filling in your eyebrows is essential. Find the shape that’s suitable for your face and fill them in with products in the color you desire. Your eyebrows should be a shade of two lighter than your hair color so be careful when choosing your eyebrow products.

  1. Line it up

White liner below your lower lash line takes away the pink tone, making you look more awake so be sure to add white liner to your daily makeup routine.

  1. Create a cat eye

The winged effect of the cat eye makes your eyes seem bigger so don’t be afraid to play with the eyeliner and create a sexy, wiged cat eye look!

  1. Apply illuminator

We’ve talked about illuminators and the reasons you should buy one so I won’t go deep into explanations. You just add some gold dust or pencil to the inner corners of your eyes to bring more light into them and produce the effect of a larger silhouette.

  1. Curl your lashes

This is very simple, just use your curler and curl your lashes to make your eyes seem bigger and more awake.

  1. Color code

Using two different eye shadows from the same color family creates instant dimension and depth on your lids.

  1. Blue

Using blue toned pencil will make the whites of your eyes appear bigger so don’t be afraid do add some color to your everyday look.

  1. Bright makeup

Bright eye makeup is like bright pencil – it reflects light and thus makes your eyes look bigger than ever. Try to concentrate color on the middle of the lash line.

  1. Use peach concealer

Concealers in peachy tones under your eyes get rid of dark circles and make the eye area appear brighter.

  1. Fake lashes

Fake lashes make your eyes as bigger as they ever will be so don’t be afraid to experiment.

  1. Apply shimmer

Apply shimmer in the lower lash line to attract light and make your eyes look brighter.


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