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10 Worst Dating Advice Ever: Ignore at All Costs



Many people consider themselves experts, when it comes to dating. However one should not forget the real life is not a Sex and the City episode. There are some widely-known tips for a “great date”, which should be avoided by all means.

1. Don`t be afraid to settle.  Don`t just go for someone who seems decent in your friends ‘eyes. You deserve the best. You deserve love, passion and happiness. Remember sometimes it is better being single rather than staying with the wrong one.

2. Play Hard to Get

It is true that men are hunters by nature, however if you play that game for too long, he will just get bored and move on with someone else. If you like him, don`t play games – show him how you feel.

3. Cooking can be the way to a man’s heart

Of course men love freshly cooked, tasty food, however if you a strong believer that cooking is the way to a man`s heart, you are striking too high!

4. Don`t eat in front of him

If you think men are so stupid to believe women are just precious creatures, who do not eat, drink or go to toilet, we should tell you are wrong! You should eat together with him – this is one more way to enjoy yourselves together.

5. Listen more than talking

Actually it is best to find the balance. Let`s face it he can talk to his dog…but you are a woman and you should act like such! Show him you are not just a pretty face, but you also have the brains.

6. Don`t Shave your Legs on a First Date

That`s horrible advice. If you cannot control yourself, hairy legs will not do it for you! Each woman should feel and look sexy and hairy legs are not the way to do it.

7. Don`t Go Dutch

Men are not obliged to pay the bill – face it! Be prepared to pay your part or at least buy the dessert. Believe it or not this will impress him more than anything else!

8. Try to be mysterious

Don`t play a Drama Queen – neither cover all your life in a mystery nor reveal too intimate things. Behave normal – he will appreciate it.

9. Talk about sex

You should only do it if you feel comfortable enough. Sex is topic, one should be careful with, as no all people are eager to talk about it at the beginning of a relationship and especially on a first date.

10. Dating is Work

No, work is work, dating should be fun. You either get on well with someone or not. there are some basic characteristics which show whether this date could turn in something else or not.


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