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10 Various ways that can help you to look good in Photos




Taking photos is fun, however we all have that awful picture, we`d pay the photographer not to show anyone. There are some tips and tricks, which can help you look good in photos.

1. Keep the focus of your eyes slightly above the camera`s focus and move your face a bit forward.

2. Relax your face, by placing your tongue behind the teeth, before smiling

3. Put your hands by the side, but be careful not to place them too close to the body – simply give them a natural look.

4.Try wearing different clothes against a white background. This way you will see which colors suit you best for photos.

5. Avoid patterns of any type

6. Apply less make up, as the camera tends to exaggerate every detail.

7. Practice poses before photo shooting, Look at the model poses and practice them otherwise you might look weird on the photos.

8. In case you are posing standing pay attention to the following: tuck your belly in, tighten your buttocks and keep your spine straight.

9. Ask your friends which photographs of you they like, in order to get a realistic opinion. This way you will know what is the best angle that suits you.

10. If you still feel not comfortable – close your eyes and open them only for the photo. In general the best pictures are the natural pictures – so have fun and forget about the camera. Simply imagine this is a fun movie and you are the main character.


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