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10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Men




Most of the problems in a relationship are related to the fact the women simply cannot understand men. If you know more about them, you will definitely enjoy a better relationship. Filled with joy and happiness.

1. Men are motivated by their own goals

If a man lacks a goal in life, he usually becomes obsessed with his wife. If he has not a mission in life, you should be careful, as he might not be able to give you want you need.

2. Men are scared of women

It is not a secret that many men experience difficulties with bossy women. Usually if he is often criticised by his partner, he prefers to either stay passive or simply run away.

3. Men do not tell about their feelings, they show them

In their world words mean nothing(unlike women`s world). They show their love and consideration through actions, so don`t ask him to tell you he loves you, especially if you see it in his actions.

4. Angry or scared men can`t have sex

Every person has a sexuality of some kind and if he is refusing to have sex with you, there is a reason for that. If he is not cheating on you, then he is probably suffering “blocked sexual energy”. The reason for that could be anger of fear, for example – you need to understand and help him sort his problems out.

5. Men does not know what “empathy” means

If you are sharing something with him, he is either trying to help you solve the problem or if he is not capable of doing so, he is grumpy for assigning him with such difficult tasks. He cannot believe you just need a shoulder to cry on. If you want to avoid weird situations, warn him, you don`t expect nothing more than empathy.

6. Don`t give more than you take

If you are obsessed with your beloved one, you might lose him. Men, who receive too much love and attention, feel like in a cage. They feel they are required to do the same for us, which might put them off.

7. Mind the ex

Talking about the ex is not very pleasant, but pay attention to the way he talks about them. If he is being respectful, it is a very good sign. If he is constantly talking for his ex or comparing you with her – run away, as he is still living in the past.

8. He is not into Shopping, Buying Presents and Dining with your friends Men are incapable of noticing any details, they see only the essence, that`s why they don`t like choosing clothes, shoes or presents (unlike women, who are very detail – orientated).

Don`t force him to do it – your friends will be more than happy to join you on a shopping trip.

9. Men want to know the exact way to make you happy

Don`t forget to tell him the phrase “I need you” regularly and tell him how he can help you. This is the actual essence of a good relationship. The better you know what you want, the more balanced your relationship will be.

10. Men Want to see you happy and satisfied

If he sees you are happy, this will enable him with more energy and passion to fight for your relationship, as well as achieve his dreams. Seeing you are happy, makes him 3 times more happier.


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