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10 Must-Have Makeup Products For Traveling


We all like to travel, right? And we want to look good no matter if we’re on the plane or we’re spending the day sightseeing. To do this, we have to have some essential beauty products in our travel bag that will help us in any stressful situation! And which are they? Just read below:


A good concealer can do so many things – cover redness and blemishes, help with covering the under eye area, work as an eyeshadow primer, etc. That’s why you always have to have a concealer in hand whenever you travel, especially if you’re not planning on wearing much more makeup.

BB cream

Often we travel, our skin tends to get irritated either from the flight or from the water in the hotel, for example. But why carry foundation when it will only clog your pores and be heavy on your face? Instead, use BB cream! It will give you light coverage, cover the redness and the best part – it will work as a moisturizer, too, so you won’t have to carry a separate moisturizer and you’ll have more space!


If you spend your days walking around, especially if it’s hot, your face will most definitely get oily and shiny. In this case, you will need one product and that’s powder! Powder will make your skin matte, remove the oiliness and give your face the perfect finish so you can take pictures without worrying that your skin will look dirty!

Cream eyeshadow

Take one or two cream eyeshadows on your vacation and apply them only using your fingers. This is the best part – you won’t need brushes so you will have more space for other important things like the ones I will talk about now. Take one nude color for everyday use and a darker one to make the transition to an evening look.

Blush/bronzer duo

A good shimmery blush is essential for a flawless look. And when you add a bronzer, your face will look perfect no matter if you haven’t slept or you’re tired from all the traveling. It’s best if you can find a blush/bronzer duo because it will save you space and if there’s a brush in the palette, you’ve just hit the jackpot!

Eyeshadow palette

If you aren’t satisfied with using just a cream eyeshadow, take a whole palette with you. But don’t go for a large one, with many colors that you won’t use. Instead, take a nude one or one that you’ve customized specially for the trip – this way you will save space and time when you do your makeup.

Gel eyeliner

Take an eyeliner, no matter if it’s a gel or a pencil one. Eyeliner gives your eyes a more finished look and the best part is that you can easily wear it on its own. It’s easy to apply and can transform your whole look to a more sophisticated one. Go for the classic black eyeliner because it will look good with every outfit.


Never forget the mascara! Maybe the most important makeup product a girl could have. Mascara will make your eyes look more open and thus you won’t appear so tired. Also, it will finish your whole makeup look and give your eyes that special something to make them pop.


Lipgloss is one of the most important things you should wear with you wherever you go because sometimes you need just a little shine on your lips to tie the whole look together. Go for a nude or light pink color so it matches every outfit easily.


Go for a matte lipstick in a darker shade to transform every look from day to night. Lipstick is the best choice if you want your lips to have full coverage but without applying product over and over again. And when to combine it with a lipgloss your lips will look like a million dollars!


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