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10 Causes and Simple Remedies for Pimples on Forehead


  Tell me, is there something worse than a pimple on your forehead? It’s difficult to hide, most of the times hurts and it stays there at least for 3 or 4 days! And because I know I’m not the only one suffering from forehead pimples, I’m going to give you advice on how to cure them and tell you why do we have pimple there so you will be able to prevent them in the future.

There are 10 main causes for pimples on your forehead:

Clogged pores 

The main and universal cause of acne. As the forehead lies in the T Zone, which is known for its excess oil production quality, the pores tends to get clogged leading to acne. Clogged pores can easily be dealt with a good CTM routine with a monthly session with the steamer.


Dandruff in hair can trigger acne in forehead. Try to get rid of the dandruff using a good anti-dandruff shampoo, your acne will vanish like magic.

Oily scalp

If you have oily scalp, the oil tends to seep and result in clogged pores and acne on your forehead. Make sure you wash your hair on alternate days to ensure an oil-free scalp.


Certain medications like birth control pills have a tendency to trigger forehead acne in certain people. Consult your doctor every time he prescribes you medication relating to hormonal issues.

Digestive problems

Digestive problem is probably the main cause of forehead acne if you do not have the issues mentioned above. Drink lots of water and include green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet. Avoid fried foods and artificial tasters and almost anything that disrupts your stomach.

Excess stress

Stress is one thing that has something or the other to contribute to most of our illnesses. So beat it by having a healthy life style. Yoga and meditation helps in reducing stress to a great extent. If you don’t have time for yoga try and take at least 1 hour a day for yourself without someone around you so you can relax a bit.

Hair products

Certain hair styling products like hair spray, heat protectant, serum, etc. Has a tendency to trigger acne when they come into contact with your forehead.

Over exfoliating

Though exfoliating helps in removing dead cells and keeping skin fresh, overdoing it could result in skin irritation and acne. Exfoliation is best when not done more than twice a week.

Helmets and caps

It is always advisable to cover your head and forehead with a clean cotton cloth before wearing helmet so that your precious forehead is kept away from dirt and possible acne break out.

Hormonal causes

Last, but not least, ifyou have hormonal problems or your family has acne, for the most part you will also. This cause can be cured so easily but if you take proper medication your problems can be reduced.


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