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10 Best Horror TV series


 We all need a bit of adrenaline in our lives. Do you know the feeling when you are extremely scared and unsure of what to expect? When the unknown is following you around, lurking by every dark corner? I don’t know about you, but I find this feeling very exciting, the enormous rush of adrenaline when you are startled is simply indescribable.

This is why I love watching both horror movies and TV series, and I will share with you my most favorite of all.

The Twilight Zone

Old, but gold. These series are amazing and have been ever since the first episode came out. Rod Serling truly showed us what it’s like to be yet another ordinary person, living a normal life and suddenly ending up between the most unbelievable and extraordinary situations, filled with fear, supernatural activities. We can all see that even in the worst case scenario there can be this slight ironic twist which can reveal the truth and punish the guilty.


This name sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The very well Hannibal Lector is back, but this time taking a part in his own series. Mads Mikkelsen might not be Anthony Hopkins, but he plays his role amazingly. This story elops around Hannibal, a psychiatrist, and his patient Will Graham, a FBI criminal profiler. However, Will is not normal. He has the ability to empathize with the serial killers, but this ability hunts him down to madness.

American Horror Story

For now we have four seasons, each one about a different place and different characters. A haunted house, an insane asylum, a witch coven and a freak show. What is so special about these series, you might ask? Well, it is a known fact that American Horror Story is one of the most popular series at the moment, so instead of spoiling you the fun, you can simply sit down and watch it. Give it a try, if you enjoy horror TV series filled with a tablespoon of mystery and fantasy.



I know you’ve read about it already, but there are many bits and pieces of the plot you you don’t know. 10 seasons filled with demonic supernatural situations. Yeah, sure, but fantasy is not horror, right? Well, the first few seasons are deffinitely horrific. Bloody Mary, Wendigos, The Hook Man, Route 666, Scarecrow – you have all of the horror tales you’ve heard when you were a child adapted. The mysteries are solved by the brave Winchester brothers, almost every time.

Penny Dreadful

Victorian London, years and years ago, imagine Dorial Gray, Dr. Victor Frankenstein and his Creature, Professor Abraham Van Helsing and many other characters from the terrific tales in one place. We have an explorer, an american gunslinger and others united together against the supernatural threats floating in London.


Have you heard about the Salem witches and their demons? Do you remember the old tales about how people have been burnt because the others have thought they can use magic and other supernatural abilities? Salem are series set in the 17th century and reveals us the dark supernatural truth hiding behind the veil of the infamous period in American history. Witches might be real, but we know truly nothing of them.



I know what you did…” We’ve heard this phrase before as well, haven’t we? And we all know that it leads to nothing good. A group of unrelated strangers receive the same message, which basically sends their lives into a downward spiral. An alcoholic, a one-handed clown, a young man with his obsession of serial killers, a telekinetic dwarf, a bitching coach nurse and a mysterious old man are set up together. What will happen? I don’t know, do you?

The Outer Limits

These series were and still are classic for the TV critics. The lack of a plot has been found to be very intimidating and the fact that every episode is about a different event. You’ve got everything you need – poltergeists, ghosts, zombies, telepaths, enormous spiders, cyborgs – everything! It might sound like a mayhem, but give it a try. It’s not what it looks.


Bram Stoker’s character has been used in many books, movies and series, but I will always leave a place in my heart for the series from 2013. Dracula arrives in London, wanting to bring modern science to the Victorian society, but in reality seeks for revenge and destruction for those who have harmed him before. But we have a big twist in the story the moment he sees a woman, who seems to be a reincarnation of his dead wife.


What does it mean to be a ‘Grimm’? It’s someone who hunts the supernatural forces roaming the Earth, focusing on Portland and the surrounding areas. Nick Burkhardt, a homicide detective, discovers that he is a Grimm – a descendant of the hunters. He possesses uncanny abilities, nearly supernatural, to be able to read the people around him. His main goal is to dispose of the ‘Wesens’ and develops the ability to see their real faces among the populace.




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