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10 Beauty Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind


  Every girl has her beauty secrets for perfect nails, hair and make-up. Here I have for you some of my favourite beauty tips and tricks that really work and I personally have been using for such a long time.

  1. Fix broken lipstick

Let’s face it – at some point in our lives we all have had to deal with the “broken lipstick” problem. Don’t throw it away .There is a way to fix it and it’s very simple – just melt it a bit with a hairdryer or lighter , even out the broken edges, put it in the fridge overnight and voilà – your lipstick will be as good as new!

  1. Keep lipstick of your lips

Here I have 2 tips for making your teeth lipstickless.

The first one is used by celebrities and girls in beauty pageants and it’s very simple – just run some vaseline over your teeth before you put on lipstick and you’re good to go.

The second one may sound a bit strange but it helps a lot. Apply lipstick, put your finger in your mouth and pull it out! That way, all the lipstick in the inside of your lips will be gone and you won’t have to worry that your teeth may turn red in the middle of the day!

  1. Use mascara as eyeliner

Imagine this – Friday night, you’re going out with your girlfriends and you just started doing your make-up. But you’re out of eyeliner! If this happens way too often, this beauty trick is for you! You just have to rub your eyeliner brush on the mascara brush and you’re good to go! Bonus tip: if you don’t have an eyeliner brush, you can melt an eyeliner pencil with a lighter, wait several minutes to cool completely and apply like you normally would apply you eyeliner.

  1. The business card trick



 Put a business card on your eyelid, hold your eyelid up and apply mascara as usual. This way, the card will protect your eyelids from getting mascara all over them and you won’t have to remove  your eye make-up and doing it again. Bonus tip: You can use business cards to fill in your brows, make a “cat eye” or even apply blush and bronzer on your cheeks.

   5. Shave legs with conditioner

You don’t need much explanation for this one. Just use some hair conditioner (it doesn’t have to be an expensive one) instead of shaving cream and it will prevent dryness of the skin and make the hair grow slower.

  6. Make perfume last longer

This one is another vaseline tip. As strange as it sounds, if you want to make your perfume last longer, just rub a little vaseline on your skin before you spray the perfume.

  7. Drying hair with T-shirt

If your hair is frizzy and you have split ends, this tip is for you. It may sound ridiculous, but the cure for these 2 things is drying you hair with a simple cotton T-shirt.

  8. Using a toothbrush in your hair routine

This beauty trick involves using a toothbrush in your daily hair routine. If you have flyaways that ruin your perfect hairstyle just hairspray and old toothbrush and “comb” them back. It’s easy, fast and cheap and your hairstyle will look as if it’s made by a professional. Another thing you can do with a toothbrush is tease your hair. It’s like teasing it with a comb and if you don’t have one in hand, the toothbrush is the perfect substitute.

  9. Perfect French manicure


After you apply your base coat and wait for it to dry, put a Band Aid over most of your nail, leaving the tip open so you can paint on it. Then apply a nail polish of your choice over the tip and you’re done.

  10.Fix broken powder

Now you can fix broken powders, blushesh or even eve shadows by mixing the broken pieces with some rubbing alcohol and pouring the mixture in a container (the old one if it’s not broken). Leave them to settle overnight and in the morning you’ll have perfectly good make-up!


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