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1 Eyeliner, 5 Looks!


This product, the eyeliner, is truly incredible! It can create many different looks, and just think about it – it’s a simple line on your eyelid! Below you will read a few types and the way they are made, along with good combinations of products!

1. Casual

Usually the casual eyeliner is a simple thin line on your upper lid and nothing more. No wings, no special effects. The pencil eyeliners are the easier to use for such a liner, rather the the liquid type.

This look is easy to make. Take your eyeliner and dot onto your top lid, making it as close as possible to your eyelashes. Afterwards, while it’s still wet and can be smeared, grab a cotton swab, a brush or your clean finger and blend the dots together. This makes your makeup look nature and pretty much undetectable.

You can also simply draw the line with the eyeliner and give it a bolder look.

2. Work

When you are at work you can attach small wings to your thin eyeliner, accompanied with a neautral eyeshadow. You can both use the dot and connect method, or directly draw it – whateve you may find easier. But, be careful and don’t overdo you eye shadows!

3. Classy

Now, the classy eyeliner is the very well know vintage winger liner. It has longer wings than the working liner and you can actually be more creative when you are doing this makeup. You can combine it with a bit darker shades, but just a bit. It goes well with all kinds of hairstyles and can be fit for many occasions.

4. Evening

Now, the evening eyeliner is not only more complex, but it can be applied along with darker shadows. For the evening you need a more intense look. This involves lining both the upper and lower outer lid. Along with that, combine two colors of eye shadows – one lighter and more neutral, and the other one darker, creating a nice transition between the two colors.

5. Heavy

Now, the heavy makeup is basically a long winged eyeliner, but you can be very creative with it. Like, do a double winged one, make it thicker, draw a line on your lower lid, a tiny bit lower than the rim of your lashes. You can fully outline your eyes and create a cat eye, along with smokey eyeshadows.


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