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We know this nail art might look challenging, but it is actually really easy. You can do all your nails in the same pattern or just one nail per hand. What you will need for this nail art is a

What will you need? An eyelash curler, black eyeliner, white eye pencil and mascara. Firstly you have to curl your lashes. When you are done with them, draw your eyeliner, but watch out. The winged liner sometimes makes your eyes

The first step to the perfect look is determining your face shape and choose your makeup techniques according to it. Contouring and highlighting your face creates shadows that hide any flaws and emphasize your best features. All you need is

Let me see, you are going out tonight and you are stuck staring at yourself wearing a cute dress in the mirror, thinking of what makeup would look good with it? Well, this is your lucky day! Let’s get started

We are all very attached to our smartphones and now is the time to feel that this love is shared. We can lose weight or get fit and tight just by installing some apps on the phone: You can use

Using shampoo always can actually be avoided. We all know that natural products are best because they contain all the benefits that products sold in stores do, except for the chemicals. Washing your hair with natural products once in a

Jennifer Lawrence has made everyone surrender to her charm and incredibly natural behaviour. She is not ashamed of her curves; on the contrary, she embraces them and wants to inspire women to be more self-confident and be happy about their

Even though we all know about the damaging effects of the use of heat on our hair, it is tempting to add some texture and create a beautiful hairstyle that catches the eye. Curling irons are a classic tool used

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