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Natural oils are great for almost every part of your body. This time we will show you how to restore your hair after the sun, the salt water and the wild summer days that surely were playing the role as

It is a known fact that the Mediterranean kitchen is very healthy for the fit fugure and how effective their diets are. However, there are some other spots all over the world which can also praise themselves with a healthy

Scar tissue and stretch marks are hard to get rid of and people who have them often spend lots and lots of unnecessary money on products that do not do anything special. That is why we are offering you a

You can have an amazing hairstyle just by making a romantic big, wavy curls. See how and follow the steps: Part your hair in two uneven sections. Make the line perfectly straight by using a comb. Section your hair into

We all wish to save this magnificent bronze tan as much as we can, right? There are a few clever tricks on saving your stunning golden tan for a very long time! Pilling Tanning is the sun stimulating your skin

When you stare at this picture you will find only two beautiful, young girls, which are wearing wedding dresses. You’ll say that this is a modern same-sex marriage, but the story is a bit different than that. I’m sure that

Filling your eyebrows can be difficult especially if your brows don’t have any shape or you just don’t have the makeup you need. Some people choose not to fill in their brows leaving their makeup unfinished and therefore making it

With fall knocking on the door leather accessorries are slowly coming back in our wardrobe. Leather bags, boots and clothes have a special place in our look book from the moment the first fall leaf fall on the ground. Then, why not adding

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