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The supercouple Brangelina has always been the center of the spotlight ever since their partnership in “Mr&Mrs Smith” in 2005. The whole world adores them, because they are showing a perfect example both because of their relationship and characters. With

The ombre effect has been a thing for a while now, and you know it. People are using it everywhere - hair, shirts, skirts, even lips! And it actually looks magnificent! As you look down you will see that you

The gorgeous British actress Kate Beckinsale has acting in her blood – her mother, Judy Loe, has appeared in many dramas years ago. However, not only the acting is in her blood. Her amazing taste in clothes is also very impressive.

Having a tattoo is actually a very big commitment. You will live with it for a long time. Yeah, sure, there are ways to remove it, but will you give so much money for something, which you are sure you

Spice up a little bit your hairstyle with this interesting band made out of your hair. Put on your lovely summer dress and enjoy the last summer days. Take a look: [ads] Take a thick strand from the bang area

Being a celebrity is not an easy job. You should work day and night to look great, act as you are expected to act and be the person that your fans adore. It’s not a secret that some celebrities are

Celebrities have the resources and time to look perfect – they have a personal stylist, someone to do their hair and makeup whenever they want, personal trainer and other kinds of  “personal” people that make sure they look flawless every

What does “sagging eyelids” mean? “Sagging eyelids” mean that when your eyes are open, the skin cover your eyelid (sometimes to your lash line) and your eye look more tired and closed. Some people are born with it and sometimes it

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