Beautiful Shoes

Our favourite latino pop star J LO is a birthday girl and is turning 45! She looks stunning and we cannot deny that her feminine figure and casual style has made her one of the favourite singers/ actresses. She doesn’t

 Hi-Lo skirts have always been trendy, especially on the beach! Nothing can stop you from doing it, because they have always looked fabulous. To acquire the fresh vibe of the hi-lo skirt, you can do a makeover of an old

Instead of talking about it, just scroll down and look at them! They are gorgeous even while wearing the simple gym tank tops and leggings.

 The Shibori style is perfect for the summer – it’s colorful, it’s fresh and it’s pretty fashionable. You will need 12 dye colors, gloves and rubber bands, which are included in the Tie Dye Kit by Tulip, and along with

 If you think you can pull of this look, you should follow this tutorial! Part your hair in the center as shown in the picture underneath and spray a root booster all over it. Take your comb and start combing

You only need a curling iron and a few bobby pins! Are you ready to do this? Start off by dividing your hair and curling your bangs. Afterwards grab the hair in the back and twirl it around just like

Have you ever thought of leaving makeup and beauty creams in the refrigerator? Me neither. But I remember how when I was little I would always open the fridge and would see my grandmother’s cream and liptick on the door.

Just imagine it – you are getting ready for a date and the moment you put on your favorite and sexiest bra, you find out that its underwire is broken and you have no time to sew it. I don’t

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